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We excel at assisting our clients with their Accounting software needs. Our services include design of new reports, implementation of new processes and customization of existing software...
Let us help you understand and fulfill your system needs. With today's fast pace of innovation you could get trapped in the maze of new technology in search of a problem...
Let's start from the ground up. Our service could start from recommending technology options to setting up an entire network. It all depends on your needs...

Is based in South Florida, servicing the region and the Caribbean for many years. By taking away the burden off your organization, and making technology simple, your staff will be able to focus on the important things, your business. All our current clients enjoy a complete outsourcing solution for all their Information Technology needs, and much more!
Want to be part of our happy family? Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help!

These are some our clients:

LVMH Caribbean and Latin America - https://www.lvmh.com
Gebr Pfeiffer Inc - www.gebrpfeifferinc.com
One Step Lien Search - www.onesteplien.com
Burger 21 - www.burger21.com
Burger 21 Franchise - www.burger21franchise.com
GrillSmith - www.grillsmith.com
Newluxe International
North Miami Foundation - www.nmf620.org
Unirex Corp - http://unirex.com
Dade Family Counseling - http://www.dadefamilycounseling.com
Doral Conservatory and Schools of Arts - http://www.doralarts.com
Hip Hop Hooray - www.hiphophooray.net