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We develop an operations and maintenance plan for each customer, tailored to their specific needs. Operations and maintenance activities include, but are not limited to:

New additions or modifications
Repairs or adjustments to existing services
General routine preventative maintenance
Report generation of LAN/WAN availability & statistics
Management of manufacturer hardware/software support
'On-Site' support personnel with appropriate skill sets
24-hour 'On-Call' support services by senior-level network engineers

By empowering network engineers with the appropriate skill sets that satisfy specific customer requirements, we are able to offer cost-effective solutions for the long-term health of the client's network infrastructure.

Reliable integration requires the knowledge of multiple systems to develop seamless communication between them. The key to success in integration is the ability to tackle potential obstacles early in the process, taking ownership of the overall solution and adapting the schedule of activities without delaying project milestones. E&M takes full ownership of the projects we are involved with and avoids wasteful finger-pointing exercises.
Accountability is a key component in any successful integration. Acceptance test plans are developed in conjunction with the customer for each project we perform, ensuring that each customer's expectations are met and/or exceeded.

With a detailed design process, we develop:
Network topology physical and logical diagrams
Network-wide IP addressing scheme and routing design
Virtual-LAN assignments; Protocol implementation and policy interaction
Traffic Engineering classifications and policies
Device slot/port assignments
Transmission link information
Documentation of all component mappings and 'non-default' attributes

Complete and accurate documentation contributes to future efforts related to expansions and daily operations and maintenance activities.

Without manufacturer boundaries, our engineering services contribute to the on-going evolution of the client's network to solutions that best fit their needs as new technologies develop.